The Dermasure Skin Care Range has been formulated and tested by S.A. Dermatologists.

This range is often recommended for sensitive and problem skin types, dry skins, eczema, flaking scalps and daily sun protection against photo-ageing.

Not tested on animals.
Available at all leading pharmacies.


Kleerzit Facial Cleanser 150 ml

Kleerzit is a mild, deep cleansing, cost effective exfoliating lotion in a non-irritant foamy base. It is indicated for oily, normal and/or combination skins. Most often used for Acne and problematic type skins. Also very useful for chests and backs.

Kleerzit is pH balanced, fragrance-free and is often alternated long-term with Dermaclens Skin Cleanser.

Dermaclens Skin Cleanser 150 ml

Dermaclens is a gentle skin cleanser for dry, normal or combination skins, ideally suited for daily use. It is soap-free, fragrance-free as well as non-comedogenic, (completely absorbed). It is often alternated with Kleerzit, especially in long-term use. It is pH balanced.


Hydration Moisturising Cream 75 ml

Hydration Moisturising Cream is professionally designed as a hypo-allergenic moisturizing cream that provides particularly good emmollient activity. A feature is that it is completely absorbed, oil free as well as fragrance-free.

It contains Evening Primrose Oil and Vitamin E and is well suited to rehydrate after daily cleansing.

Hydration Aqua Bath Oil 250 ml

Hydration Aqua Bath Oil is formulated to moisturise, protect and treat sensitive and dry skins. Most often used in Eczemas. It leaves a protective film on the skin without a feeling of excessive oiliness and is fragrance-free.

It contains a blend of oils and surfactants that disperses in warm water without the build-up of an oily slippery ring around the bath.

Alphascalp Anti-Dandruff Treatment & Conditioner 150 ml

Alphascalp is an Anti-Dandruff Treatment and Conditioner for the treatment of dry and flaking scalps, including seborrheic eczema, and other stress related problems. It is both tar-free and fragrance-free.

Alphascalp contains an Alpha Hydroxy Acid base, Salicylic Acid as its exfoliator, and Zinc Pyrithione to serve as an anti-fungal.

Hydra-Lac Body Lotion 150 ml

Hydra-Lac is a non-irritating, fragrance-free, non-greasy body lotion. It contains an advanced formula for the treatment of dry skin problems associated with roughness and scaling.

It contains 12 % Sodium Lactate and is ideally suited to retain moisture for prolonged periods.

Sunactiv Sunblock Spray 150 ml

Indicated for people who seek an effective, oil-free, invisible, easy-to-use Sunblock Spray. These features make it ideal for the everyday working person (eg. exposed arms, bald heads, children, patients on Vitamin A treatments, etc.) It is also PABA free and totally water resistant.

It contains a dual sunblocks in an alcohol base acting as a vehicle The alcohol evaporates rapidly after application leaving you with the protection factor (SPF 25 +) against UVA and UVB damage.

Sunactiv Sunscreen Cream 75 ml

Sunactiv Sunscreen Cream was designed to have a three way action giving the skin all day protection. It contains a moisturising cream as a base, provides excellent UVA & UVB sun protection (SPF 20+), while it also contains anti-oxidants to protect against photo-ageing.

This product is fragrance-free, PABA-free, hypo-allergenic as well as non-comodegenic.
It contains both Vitamin C and Vitamin E.



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