Co-Enzyme Q10

The body produces it own Co-Q10. Studies show that the level of Co-Q10 in the skin begins to decline at the age of 20 years and, by the age of 40 years, the body’s Co-Q10 level is reported to have been reduced by at least 25 %.

Injuries to the skin by ultraviolet radiation, (sunlight), can result in damage to the skin cells. Irritant responses induce inflammation, and free-radical reactive oxygen species (ROS) are formed.

Co-Q10 is an anti-oxidant, preventing free-radical damage to lipid membranes and suppressing inflammation after exposure to injury.

Anti-Oxidants mop up potentially harmful molecules as soon as they are formed to reduce the risk of irreversible cellular damage.

In vitro findings suggested that Co-Q10 has a protective role in the skin, preventing harmful changes arising from exposure to Ultraviolet A light.

A high level of photons indicates low endogenous levels of anti-oxidants. The application of 0.3% Co-Q10 twice daily for 7 days to the volar forearm of 13 subjects (mean age 49 years) produced a measurable decrease in the number of photons detected in the skin following Ultraviolet A radiation compared with vehicle controls.

Reduction in the depth of eye-fold wrinkles were estimated by the mean peak to the valley measurement of a defined unit distance in skin replicas (Rt) which was determined by quantitative micro-topography.
Results : 0.3% Co-Q10 daily for 6 months = Rt 120 reduced to Rt 93.

(Clinical Update Retinoids)

* * * *

Co Q10 has at least two important roles in the body. First it is one of the essential cogs in the biochemical machinery that produces biological energy (ATP) inside the cells. Second, Co Q10 is an anti-oxidant. It helps neutralize harmful free radicals, which are one of the causes of ageing.

Most encouraging was a study by German researchers who reported that long-term use of Co-Q10 reduced crows feet, (wrinkles around the eyes).

(Dr G Todorov, Smart Skin)


Topical treatment with Coenzyme Q10

  • Young individuals displaying normal Q10 values may benefit since spontaneously occurring external oxidative stress can be neutralized quickly.
  • In the mature population already decreased Q10 levels will be replenished.
  • People of all ages can benefit from regular treatment with Q10-containing formulas to cope more effectively with short-term insults inflicted by UV irradiation and stress to foster long-term anti-ageing effects for their skin.
  • Coenzyme Q10 is one of the most accurate biomarkers of ageing, since its decline correlates with the ageing process.
(Biofactors, Beiersdorf, Research & Development)

In Addition:

  • Coenzyme Q10 increases elastin gene expression to combat saggy skin.
  • Coenzyme Q10 promotes collagen expression for evenness of skin.
  • Coenzyme Q10 promotes the production of fibroblasts
  • Coenzyme Q10 significatly decreases UV damage
 (Aerospace Science & Technology)


Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to introduce Zone Cosmetics to you. The product is a break through cosmeceutical, which has been designed to meet the requirements of sun damaged and prematurely ageing skin.


Recent research has shown us that the major contributing factor to premature ageing is free radical damage. Free radicals or reactive oxygen species (ROS) are formed in skin cells when we expose ourselves to sun, pollution, smoking etc. These free radicals are composed of oxygen with an unpaired electron – they are constantly searching to gain another electron in order to become stable. They steal from balanced molecules and start a chain reaction that damages cell membranes, collagen and DNA.

The body has a protection from this damage in the form of anti oxidants that are capable of losing an electron in order to defend healthy cells from this free radical onslaught. Natural occurring anti oxidants includes Vitamins A, C, E and Co Enzyme Q10. The chain reaction started by free radicals easily destroys and denatures these precious vitamins. Our best weapon against this is to replace lost vitamins by increasing our raw fruit and vegetable intake and taking a multivitamin supplement. When it comes to our skin it is believed that by applying anti oxidants at the correct concentrations we bolster skin cells leaving them better protected. Topically applied at optimum levels the following anti oxidants have been proven effective: Vitamins A, C, E and Co Enzyme Q10.

Recent in vivo testing has shown that Co Enzyme Q 10 has a
powerful protective action on the mitochondrial membrane.

medical science for youthful skin


1. Co Enzyme Q10 – Q denotes the Quinone family, 10 is the number of
isoprenoid units on its side chain.
2. Co Enzyme Q10 is a vitamin like substance and a cofactor of at least 3 mitochondrial enzymes, essential for the production of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) –‘high energy phosphate’.
3. Co Enzyme Q10 is an integral part of the membranes of mitochondria where it is involved in this production of ATP: the basic energy-producing molecule of the cell. Here it helps mitochondrial enzymes convert dietary nutrients to energy – in other words without it - the food we eat cannot be converted to energy for cell renewal.
4. Co Enzyme Q10 is a vital nutrient necessary for the life and function of each and every cell in our body – without it we cannot survive.
5. Co Enzyme Q10 quenches free radicals generated in this energy making process.
6. Co Enzyme Q10 keeps the mitochondrial membrane intact.


Co Enzyme Q10 is found throughout the body in all cell membranes and is therefore known as Ubiquinone. A deficiency results from poor dietary intake or excessive utilization by the body. Biosynthesis of Q10 in the body requires at least 7 vitamins and as we age the ability to produce Q10 declines.
Network anti oxidants work together to regenerate and recycle one another – they are Gluthathione, L-Carnitine, CO Enzyme Q10, Beta Carotene, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamins C and E. If an anti oxidant like Vitamin E is attacked by a free radical it is unable to function unless it is recycled - Co Enzyme Q 10 can recycle it.

As Q10 declines with age we need to replace it daily. Topically applied Q10 is proven to reach the dermis; here it suppresses the enzyme collagenase (which is stimulated by UV exposure) and results in less collagen damage and the reduction of wrinkle depth.


Dermatologists and Skin Care Therapists have for some time been searching for an effective treatment incorporating Co Enzyme Q10. Dermasure recognized this need for an intensive, active and effective anti oxidant treatment range. They have managed to produce a day and night cream with the right percentage of the active ingredients Co Enzyme Q10 and network anti oxidants. The high concentration levels of these anti oxidant ingredients ensure maximum penetration of actives yet skin irritation is minimised due to the stable non- irritating base.
Zone has proved to be very effective when used in conjunction with Microdermabrasion, Ultra Sound and IPL Laser Therapy. Zone is particularly effective in preparing the skin prior to any of the above treatments and cosmetic surgery. The end result improvement is more significant. Zone is currently busy with a trial on post acne scarring, pigmentation and stretch marks combining Zone Night cream with microdermabrasion and ultrasound therapy.
Zone contains network anti oxidants in the correct effective concentrations as studies have shown that Co Enzyme Q10 and anti oxidants help to repair and rejuvenate the skin however they will only show significant differences when used at certain concentrations. Zone Cosmetics – the next generation skin care - has used medical science to incorporate all these findings into a treatment that gives you the latest in skin care and repair for youthful skin.
We are confident that our product is not just another because it has the scientific backing to substantiate our claims. It makes skin sense for you to use proven active skin care cosmetics.

Detailed Product Info


125ml tube

Ph balanced, soap free gel to cleanse the skins surface and maintain the natural protective layer. No toner is required however your may use your existing one if preferred.

Alpha Hydroxy toners are fine to use as long as the formulations are mild. Apply a small amount of the gel to a wet skin emulsify well with water. Massage into the skin with additional water, rinse well. Avoid the eye area.

Dry the skin before applying the day or night cream. All skin types would be advised to use it in the morning as a quick cleanse.


50ml tube

Co Enzyme Q10
Vitamin A
Vitamin C
Vitamin E
UVA & UVB Filters

In addition to the high power Co Enzyme Q10 and network anti oxidants, Zone Day Cream also has a broad spectrum UVA & UVB sunblock to protect against further sun damage.

This treatment cream is designed to work on the dermal layer and might require additional moisture for comfort on the surface – continue with the usual day cream after a few minutes. It is an ideal treatment for the younger client in search of an anti oxidant cream.

Perfect for men who prefer a lighter texture cream. Good results are seen on post acne scarring. Mildly sensitive skins should find the day cream to be acceptable.


50ml tube

Co Enzyme Q10
Vitamin A
Vitamin B
Vitamin C
Vitamin E
Evening Primrose Oil
Aloe Ferrox

Zone Night Cream has double percentage levels of the actives together with hydrating Aloe extract and nourishing Evening Primrose Oil. The range is subtly fragranced with Vanilla Essential Oil making it suitable for men or woman. Ensure harsh Alpha Hydroxy acids or retinoic acid are not used prior to giving them the night cream as this might pre sensitise the skin resulting in irritation. Apply a generous layer of the Night cream onto a clean dry skin – massage in well. We have found that severely dry or dehydrated skin will benefit from a second application of Night cream after a few minutes. Hydro soluble serums, ampoules or concentrates may be applied under the cream. Additional night cream may be applied over the Zone Night Cream. The client needs to remember that Zone has an action on the dermis and is not designed to be a comfort cream but an active treatment against ageing. Avoid giving it to active acne

clients. Good results however are found in post acne scarring. Hypersensitive skin types are contra indicated.

The main objective of the Zone Night Cream is to stimulate fibroblast cells into activity to rapidly soften and smooth the surface of the skin. Because of the higher concentrations your clients result with the night cream will be more rapid and can be seen as a booster for 3 to 6 months. For those who insists on the latest technology options in skin care with visible improvement, Zone will meet their needs.

* University of Edinburgh
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* National Cancer Institute



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